Featured Team: Suwon Bluewings

Founded in the Korean city of Suwon in 1996 , Suwon Samsung Bluewings have become one of Asian football's premier clubs, with a whole host of domestic and continental honours with great fan base.

Former national team manager Kim Ho took charge of the side from their opening season in the K-League , and the team finished runners-up in the championship play-off that same season. The championship was secured in 1998 and retained in 1999 as Suwon started to dominate Korean football.

Asian football was conquered in 2001 and 2002 as Suwon lifted the Asian Champions Cup twice in succession to establish themselves as a powerhouse club, as well as adding the Asian Super Cup to their trophy cabinet in each year.

The club has been home to some of Korean football's biggest name players; Lee Woon-Jae , Ko Jong-Soo , Choi Sung-Yong , Kim Nam-Il , Song Chong-Guk and Seo Jung-Won amongst others having worn the blue shirt. Some of the best imports to the league have worn the Suwon shirt, with Denis Laktionov, Sasa Drakulic , Zoran Urumov and Gabriel Popescu all proving hugely influential for the club through the years.

The departure of Kim Ho in 2003 saw Korean football legend Cha Bum-keun appointed boss and trusted with keeping the Bluewings at the top of Korean and Asian football.

Cha kept up the fine traditions of the club by leading the Bluewings to victory in the second stage of the 2004 K-League season, and guaranteeing the club a place in the end-of-season Championship playoffs. The club emerged victorious after a dramatic 4-3 penalty shootout win over Pohang Steelers and lifted the 2004 Championship.