Frequently Asked Questions?

What is Park Ji-Sung called by his teammates at Manchester United?

The players are said to call Park Ji-Sung "Ji"

Is Park Ji-Sung the only Korean player currently playing in the English Premiership?

No- Lee Young-Pyo plays for Tottenham Hotspur and the pair recently matched up against each other at Old Trafford.

Is the Park Ji-Sung the first Korean player to play in the Premiership?

Yes. Although many other Asian footballers have come before him.

Has Park Ji-Sung broken any world records?

Park Ji-Sung was the first Asian footballer to get a place in the 50 nominees announced for the Golden Ball award in 2005.

Are there any other South Korean players likely to break into a Premiership team soon?

Seol Ki-Hyun is probably the best known for scoring the equalizing goal against Italy during the 2002 World Cup- and several Premiership clubs are reportedly interested in him.

Is it true that Park Ji-Sung's father gave him boiled frog extract every day to eat when he was young?

Yes! Apparently Park's father felt it would help him grow taller.

What is Park Ji- Sung's squad number at Manchester United?

Park Ji-Sung has been given the no.13 shirt. Lucky for some!

How many games has Park Ji-Sung played in for Manchester United so far this season?

Park Ji-Sung has so far played 13 games this season: 10 in the League and 3 in Europe. Of these 13 games played, 5 were as a substitute.