South Korean Football

Korean Football Association

The first governing body of Korean football was the Joseon Football Association , founded on 19 September 1933 as a direct imitation of the corresponding association of the Japanese colonialists. Park Seung-bin was the very first President of the JFA, charged with the task of promoting and spreading organised football on the Korean peninsula.

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Featured Team: Suwon Bluewings

Founded in the Korean city of Suwon in 1996 , Suwon Samsung Bluewings have become one of Asian football's premier clubs, with a whole host of domestic and continental honours with great fan base.

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Featured Personality: Dick Advocaat

Dick Advocaat (born September 27, 1947 in Den Haag, Netherlands) was head coach of the Dutch national football team and, in his younger years, a football player. He is now coach of the South Korea national football team . Before his appointment as coach of the Korean team, he was the coach for the United Arab Emirates national football team.

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The Day Korea United in Football

Paving the way for national reconciliation and reunification, the north and south Korean football teams played a landmark inter-Korean soccer match in Seoul on September 7.

The football match, called "reunification games," ended in a 0-0 draw.

Some 60,000 fans packed the Sangam World Cup Stadium in Seoul waving blue and white banners symbolizing a unified Korean Peninsula.

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